Walmart Nail Salon Prices & Hours (March 2020)

Walmart Nail Salon Prices is very affordable for everyone whether you’re a college-going student or a housewife you can afford their prices. The best part is, they offer great value at affordable prices basically that’s why people love Walmart nail salon. 

They are most popular with their quick & quality services. In the USA Almost every Walmart shop, you will see them (Walmart Nail Shop). Because they have 900+ franchises in the whole US and majorities are appeared in the Walmart Shop.

They don’t compromise with their quality, and this is the main reason they are growing in light speed.

Walmart Nail Salon Prices

As I already mentioned, they won their customer’s minds with their excellent & quality services at cheap prices. If you didn’t try Walmart nails salon’s service yet, then you should try. Believe me, you will love their services.

Here is the list of Walmart Nail Salon Prices

Acrylic Nails$24.99 and up
Acrylic Nails (Fills Only)$17.99 and up
Gel Nails Color$19.99 and up
Diamond Nails$29.99 and up
Diamond Nails (Fills Only)$19.99 and up
UV Gel Nails$39.99 and up
Pink & White Solar$37.99 and up
Pink & White Solar (Fills Only)$28.99 and up
Solar Pink– Extra Gel for $3$32.99 and up
Solar Pink (Fills Only)– Extra Gel for $3$32.99 and up
White Tips$26.99 and up
White Tips (Fills Only)$17.99 and up
Manicure with French or color $3 extra$10.99 and up
Spa Pedicure with French or color $3 extra$19.99 and up
Spa Pedicure & Manicure$29.99 and up
Nail Repair$5.99 and up

We mainly change the updated price in the price list every month. Although Walmart nail salon prices do not vary quite often. Then again, before going to take their services, call your local nail salon to know the updated price. To find your nearby Walmart Nail Salon.

To know your nearby Walmart Nail Salon, put your location on the search bar below. To your kind information, the actual name of Walmart Nail Salon is Regal Nails. But it’s more familiar with Walmart nail salon

Walmart Nail Salon Hours

Hours may vary from one location to another location. So be sure before going to the Walmart Nail Salon, To confirm the current hours, please contact your local Walmart salon. They will give you the current hours according to your location.


Walmart Nail Salon Services

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Although they offer several types of Nail services, then again they do the best in the manicure & pedicure segment. They beat all of their competitors in this segment. Most of their customer go there for these two primary services.

All of their franchise offers manicure. Almost every locations offer the trendiest nail designs, including gel nails and the newer dip powder manicures.

When it comes to pedicure services, then Walmart Nail Salon flashes. There are several prices according to your color & design preference.

They also offer several types of Wax services. 

Their full leg waxing services cost is $60, and their full-face waxing service will cost you $45.

You may also take some other services such as Nail polish remover, Nail Repair, Nail design or Nail art & more.

Walmart Nail Salon’s environment & quality service will definitely blow your mind.

Regal Nails Reviews

Regal Nails (Walmart Nail Salon) are doing absolutely delivering great services. Peoples are loving them so ultimately they are growing day by day. As a result, they already have 900+ franchises in the USA.

Look what peoples thought about Regal Nails.

FAQ About Walmart Nail Salon

Here are some of the commonly asked question’s answers that usually peoples ask. Hope if you have any question regarding Regal Nails then you will find the answer here.

Does walmart have nail salon?

Yes, They have. It’s known as Regal Nails. Because of it’s appeare in almost every walmart shop that’s why it’s more familar with the name Walmart nail salon.

How much does walmart nail salon cost?

It’s depend on which service you’re going to take. Thenagain their service is supremely affortable. The price of their services started from $5.99.

What time does walmart nail salon open?

Usually, Monday to Friday, They open their shop at 10:00 AM and Saturday & Sunday they open their store at 9:00 AM & 11:30 AM.

What time does Walmart nail salon close?

Usually, Monday to Friday, They close their shop at 8:00 PM AM and in Saturday they close their store at 7:00 PM.

Does Regal Nails do dip powder?

Yes, They do. Don’t forget to check this amazing nail service.

How much does a pedicure cost at Walmart?

A pedicure cost at Walmart is nearly 20 US Dollars.

Is walmart nail salon open on sundays?

Yes. Regal nails provide their service sunday as well. But they open their shop in sunday at 11:30 PM and close at 5:00 PM

Can you use a Walmart gift card at Regal Nails?

Yes, You can use a Walmart gift card at Regal Nails.

Our thoughts on Regal Nails

Regal Nails is one of the best places to go to decorate your nails. They offer various types of services. The best part about Walmart Nail Salon (Regal Nails) is their service is supremely affordable and their delivery of speed is unbelievable. They beat everyone here (Service delivery speed). So we recommend you to take their service. Hope you will love it.

If you have any queries about the Walmart nail salon prices & hours, then feel free to comment us below.

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