Tanya Burr Weight Loss Journey (Secrets Included)

Tanya Burr is a British beauty & fashion vlogger who has nearly 3.5million subscribers on her youtube channel & 3million followers on Instagram(Until 20 January 2020).

Tanya appeared many TV shows such as Holby City, Bulletproof, Love Daily, etc. We all know much about Tanya, so It doesn’t make sense to waste your time by introducing her while you already know about her.

So our today’s topic is around Tanya Burr weight loss.

Recently Tanya uploads a bikini photo of her on Tanya’s Instagram page where she looks really adorable & fans found that she looks more sexy & slim than ever.

Actually, Tanya had a curvy figure & gorgeous butt before, but then again in that bikini photo, she even looks slimmer than before.

To be honest, Tanya Burr’s bikini look was stunning & adorable as well.

After some days, Tanya uploads another photo where she also looks slim. Then her fans almost confirmed that Tanya Burr loses her weight.

That’s why fans were requesting Tanya to share her meal plan & diet plan so that they can apply it to their lives and ultimately gets a slim body.

tanya burr bikini
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Tanya Burr Bikini

A fan commented on her bikini photo, “Do you have a video up about your meal plan and fitness routine yet you look incredible. I need to do what you’re doing.”

Another said, “Please tell us the secret to getting this body.”

Another fan said that “It would be awesome if you made a video on how you got fit.”

So peoples were crazy to know the secrets behind Tanya Burr weight loss. End of the day it was noticeable that Tanya burr works on her fat.

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Then Tanya came & share her diet plan & exercise secrets, but almost everyone shocked when they know that Tanya doesn’t have any special diet plan, and she didn’t do any laborious exercise to get this body.

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She replied one of her fan’s comment (where fans want to know what diet plan Tanya follow), “I don’t have one! I do Barry’s Bootcamp once or twice a week, I work out truly hard when I do it, but I am not very dedicated to it and can go three weeks without doing one. I eat all foods and alcohol, just whatever I feel like that day.”

Tanya also said that “I guess, in May-June time, I was just so busy, and I was not eating super-duper healthy stuff. I love vegetables and also love to eat them, but I was eating burgers and chips, whatever.”

Tanya proceeded: “There is no strict routine with it, there is no ‘I have to do this’ or ‘I have to do that.’ When I feel like it, I will do a workout.”

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It’s really shocking things that without proper diet, Tanya loses her weight & gets a gorgeous sexy body, According to her words.

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Actually, She claimed that she didn’t follow any diet plan in her weight loss journey even she is anti-diets now.

Here is a video where Tanya answered most of the questions about her fitness & weight:

According to Tanya, She thinks that If she wants to follow something strictly, then her mind plays with her & forces her to give attention to that thing only so that ultimately she won’t follow anything properly.

So that’s why she doesn’t follow any meal plan & diet plan to weight loss.

Tanya Burr’s Figure Completely Changed After Her Marriage

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Tanya & Jim were married in September 2015 at Babington House in Somerset. Since her marriage, Tania has been slimming day by day.

Tanya’s ten years ago videos already appeared in youtube you can check them & compare before marriage Tanya & After Marriage Tanya, you will definitely find some noticeable change on Tanya’s body.

I think Jim plays a big role in behind Tanya Burr weight loss.

Tanya burr height is 5 feet 4 inches & with that height her current figure appropriately placed. She looks sexier than before with her current body shape.

Tanya Burr Weight Loss Journey With Drugs?

When Tanya said that she didn’t follow any particular diet to reduce her weight, then some thinks that she gets her dream body after a long period.

Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to share it with someone, and they feel that it’s totally fair.

But some also think that when it comes to weight loss diet plan plays 80% role & exercise plays 20%, which is 100% right.

No one can reduce weight without proper diet plan except surgery. So that’s why some peoples think that Tanya maybe took drugs to lose her diet where some also think that perhaps Tanya is in a disease that’s why suddenly her weight fall down.

Tanya Burr Divorce

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In the month of March 2019, Tanya announced about Jim & her separation. Although she didn’t disclose the reason behind their divorce, she said that she & Jim will always be best friends forever.

When fans were heard about Tanya burr divorce then they were shocked because it happened unexpectedly.

Fans weren’t ready to take this because everyone knew that she & Jim having a happy family life even before their marriage they were in a serious relationship for 2 years after that they got married.

So suddenly what happened?

Since Jim & Tanya didn’t disclose the reason yet so that peoples don’t know the reason behind their divorce.

To know more about their divorce check out this article from cosmopolitan

My Opinion On Tanya Burr Weight Loss Journey

To be honest, I don’t think that Tanya didn’t follow any diet plan & didn’t do any core exercises to reduce her weight. Maybe she didn’t. But it’s nearly impossible to lose weight without proper diet plan & exercise except for surgery.

So I think that Tanya doesn’t want to disclose her diet plan. Maybe that’s why she said that she didn’t follow any unique diet plan, which is fine. If she doesn’t want to disclose her secrets, then it’s up to her.

So this is it for Tanya burr weight loss secrets.

What do you think about how Tanya reduces her weight? Let me know. I am curious!

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