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Stephanie Sanzo is a female PowerBuilder & personal fitness trainer who helps women to live with a healthy life. Behind her success as a fitness trainer, there is a long story.

And today, we are going to know everything about Stephanie Sanzo, such as her age, workout plan, diet plan, family, net worth, etc.

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Stephanie Sanzo

Stephanie Sanzo was born in 1987 in Australia. At her young age, she didn’t love to exercise so that sometimes she felt alone & unhealthy &, and it rises even more when she realized that she is pregnant at the age of 19.

For her pregnancy, she gets 25 kilograms extra fat so that she became more fatter than before, and at that time, she looks like an old age aunty.

One day she wakes up from the bed and stands in front of the mirror, and she shocked and realized that she is becoming more unhealthy day by day so that she decides to get rid of extra fat.

Then she started weight lifting to reduce her extra fat from her body. After her three years of hard work and dieting, she gets a super sexy body that everyone wants to have.

Quick fact about Stephanie:

Her favorite body part is shoulders

Now she is providing power building training.

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She is super sensitive with her family so that she has not disclosed her parents name also her husband’s name; however, we know that she has two children. One of them is a boy, and another one is the girl.

Although she is a celebrity and busy with her clients, then again she always tries to give time to her family.

Age & Height-Weight

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She was born in 1987. So now Stephanie’s Age is 32 years (Until 2019).

She is super gorgeous, and to be a super sexy model, her height and weight give her an extra benefit to look more pretty than others.

She is a well-shaped person. Her height is 4 ft. 11 inches, and on the other hand, her weight is 53 kg.


As I already mentioned that Stephanie Sanzo is a personal fitness trainer & a female PowerBuilder beside these; she also known as an Australian model who already appeared in many Australian magazines.

In her fan base, she also known as Steph Fit Mum.

She started fitness modeling in 2013. After that, She began her first fitness program in 2014, and she pays her best attention to her fitness program to make it super awesome and modify for her clients so that her customers can quickly adapt to her program.

With her best & creative ideas to stylized the program, Stephanie’s service quickly became the auto choice for their clients.She has a program that designs to make women’s health strong & increase women’s muscle mass.

A massive change happened when she became famous on Instagram as a fitness icon. Now a question arises, and that is how she became famous on social media.

One day she thought that what if I publish my secrets behind the healthy life of mine on the internet so that others can follow easily and since now she regularly upload workout plans, diet plans & her gorgeous picture and peoples start loving it.

Her contents became popular, and she earned the nickname “Steph Fit Mum.” also, she became one of the most popular fitness icons on Instagram. When I am writing this post, she has almost 1.6 Million followers on Instagram.

She also has a youtube channel that has almost 50k Subscribers.

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Workout Plan

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Stephanie Sanzo

According to

  • Monday- Chest, and triceps
  • Tuesday- Glutes, calves & abs
  • Wednesday- Back and biceps
  • Thursday- Quads, calves & abs
  • Friday- Hamstrings and shoulders
  • Saturday- Rest
  • Sunday- Rest

Diet Plan

Sanzo follows a very disciplined diet. Every day she takes 1800 to 2000 calories to lives healthier. And it helped her to build a super gorgeous body.

Stephanie takes the right amount of proteins, fat, and nutritions so that it helps her to get muscles.

  • Lean meats (chicken breast, grass-fed beef, etc.)
  • Lots of vegetables
  • Healthy fats (olive oil, almond butter, coconut oil, eggs)

Sometimes it varies according to festive and other occasions.

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Her net Worth

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Everyone is curious about their idol’s net worth. If you’re following her for a long time, then you might be interested to know about her net worth.

And I am 99.99% sure that you’re following Stephanie Sanzo, that’s why you’re reading this article. So, as she didn’t declare her net worth, so it’s tough to say her exact net worth. However, we can stand a hypothesis around her net worth.

As she is a fitness model, personal trainer, influencer, and YouTuber as well, so it’s easy to guess that her net worth would be higher. As per our research, we can say that Stephanie Sanzo’s net worth might be 1Million to 5 Million US Dollars per year (Approx).

She is one of the gorgeous lady fitness experts & trainers, and she trains peoples to make them super healthy and beautiful as well as her.

Here is a free build workout process of Stephanie.

Overview of Stephanie Sanzo.

Stephanie is an Aussie personal fitness trainer and social media star, as well. She began with her career with a sad story. After her second pregnancy, she realized that she got at least 25 kilograms extra fat, and it’s looking her more unhealthy that’s why she thought that this is the right time to take the initiative to reduce fat.

And she put her best to do that, and with her hard work, she gets a healthy and aesthetic body. Then she decided to help other women to get rid of fat, and she builds fitness training, and fortunately, she did all the things correctly and successfully doing it as well.

What can we learn from Stephanie?

First, we should take patience always. You need to have the patience to see the output. One thing remembers that Stephanie does exercise continuously for 3 years to get the best result.

So you should take patience on your mind.

Which are the most beautiful things Stephanie Sanzo has?

Let me know your opinion! I am curious.

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