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Sitara Rawal Wiki

First Name:Sitara
Last Name:Rawal
Date of Birth:21st March
Hobbies:Watching wresting
Hair Color:Black
Occupation:Content creator, Model, Influencer

Sitara Rawal is a TikToker, Model, Actress & an Instagram celebrity, who belongs from Kannda, Bangalore, India.

The Early Life of Sitara Rawal

She was born on Mar 21,19**(she don’t wanna disclose her age) in Nepal. She passed her childhood in Nepal, and then her family decided to come to India.

Sitara Rawal Family

sitara rawal family
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Sitara Rawal Family

Actually, there is almost zero information about her family on the internet. But in our in-depth research, we found something which we are going to share with you.

The father’s name of Sitara is Ht Rawal. We don’t know the full name of his name. She has two brothers, one is Praveen Rawal & another is Vikram Rawal.

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Vikram is married to Gita Thapa Rawal in Q3 of 2018. The great news is recently, they have become parents.


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She completed her primary level of education from NHS school.

Sitara completed her degree from BMS College for Women, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Relationship Status

Almost every follower of her wants to know that Is she single yet? Or committed with someone whether that follower comes from her Tik Tok or Instagram page. Everyone wants to know about her relationship status.

A fan asked her six months ago on Instagram question box, are you single? If not, then who is your boyfriend?

She answered that she is single yet, but she also said that the relationship status of her is complicated, but she is not in a relationship.

So that means maybe she has a crush on someone.

Sitara Rawal Serial & Career

She loves to filming herself from her childhood time. She worked for a serial named Sundari on Udaya TV. 

The theme of the serial is around teenagers and the problems arising between teenage boys and girls.

Here is the cast of the Sundari serial:

Vinaya Prasad, Sitara Rawal, Deepak Manjunath Hegde, Baali, Ambuja

She uploaded her first Tik Tok video in mid of 2017. Since then, she uploaded 1450 Tik Tok videos on her channel. These videos helped her to earn 1.1 Million followers on Tik Tok.

Before she joined Tik Tok, she was making videos in Dubsmash (Dubsmash is a video messaging application for iOS and Android created by Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke, and Daniel Taschik)

Nowadays, she is working as an Instagram model for many Brands.

Her Idol

sitara rawal
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Everyone has Idol in their life. In the same way, She has too.

She is a big fan of Yash(The lead actor of KGF). I think you know If you’re an active follower of her because she said many times it by his Tik Tok & Instagram page.

Actually, almost every follower of her knows that she is a big fan of Yash.

What you don’t know is She is a huge fan of Samantha Akkineni née Ruth Prabhu; in short, Samantha Ruth Prabhu(South Indian actress).

You can easily understand that how much she follows Samantha Prabhu if I tell you the fact.

Did you know that she uploaded the first photo on her Facebook account in 2012 and that was Samantha’s photo?

It shows that how much she follows Samantha Prabhu.

Social Appearance

To be honest, social media makes her star. So, how can we ignore this part?

She has 1.1 Million followers on Tik Tok. With 1.1 million followers, she is one of the most following celebrities in Bangalore on TikTok.

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Trending song 🌟 Fav song 🌟

A post shared by 🌟ŚiTaRa 7 RaWaL🌟 (@sitara_rawal7) on

Sitara Rawal deserves more than what she has now. If she created videos in Hindi then there is no doubt that she will get many more followers.

She has almost 100k followers on Instagram(til Jan 15, 2020). She delivered 550 posts to get this number of followers.

On her personal Facebook account, she has nearly 13000 followers.

She also has a youtube channel that has 200 subscribers. Maybe she isn’t working on her youtube channel anymore. The last video she uploaded on her channel about one year ago(Jul 28, 2018).

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