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Sarah Houchens Wiki

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: January 16, 1995

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5’3 inches

Age: 24

Sarah Houchens is a full-time social media influencer, fitness model, & personal trainer, who loves to share her journey with her thousands of fans.

sarah houchens age
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Early Life & Parents

She was born on January 16, 1995, in Woodbine, Maryland, US. She was growing in Washington, DC. She completed her BS Kinesiology degree from UMD.

There are noting about her parents in online & even Sarah didn’t talk much about her family.

Social Media Appearance

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Social media changed her life perfectly. As I already mentioned that Sarah is a full-time social media influencer. For that, she is so prevalent in social media, especially on Instagram.

Instagram: She joined on Instagram in 2013. Since hen with her hard work & passions, she already gets almost 600k followers. To achieve this position, she uploaded 800+ images on Instagram.

YoutubeShe created her youtube channel on August 3, 2018. On her youtube channel, she doesn’t have any content yet, and then again, she has almost 800 unique subscribers on her youtube channel.

Sarah Houchens Age

She is now 24 years old. She will be 25 on January 16, 2020.

Relationship & Boyfriend

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She is in a relationship with Garrett Brams. Garrett Brams has almost 2000 followers on Instagram. Here is the Instagram handle of Garrett Brams: @garrettbrams.

Career & Passion

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Sarah has dreamed of being an actress from her childhood. But, Until now, He has only become a model.

Right now, she is working with several types of brands & she is earning from them. She also has her own company, named NVGTN, where she is selling products on her official website.

They sell both men & women essentials. For men, they have aesthetic designed sorts, jackets & other essentials. On the other hand, for women, they sell different types of leggings & bra.

NVGTN also claims that their sportswear is designed to make you feel confident in the workout place. In addition, we stand by our affordable prices without sacrificing quality. With continuous launches, we will make sure you never run out of style.

They also sell supplements & diet plan courses. NVGTN claims that they are working with some of America’s top supplement manufacturers, and from them, they select the best one.

Sarah Houchens also put her exclusive content on Patreon. You can see her artistic body scapes & never before seen photos on Patreon. For that, you have to pay $50 per month.

On Patreon, she has 116 exclusive content for her Patreon followers & from 116, one hundred fourteens are images, one video & one writing content.

When the public asks her what’s secret behind her success, then she replied that “I said many times that my hard work & tenacity helps me to achieve success in my life.”

Recently, one of her fans asked her what keeps you motivated?

She replied that “I’ve got a lot of haters to prove wrong.I’ve come a long way from where I used to be, Physically & mentally. & being able to live my dreams and share my journey with thousands of people is all I could ask for- I have a lot of heart & passion for sharing with this world.”

Sarah Houchen’s Workout Routine

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Everyone wants to know about Sarah’s workout routine. Somehow, we are managed her workout routine for you guys.

Here is the weekly workout routine of Sarah Houchens.

  • Monday: 40 min back/chest + 40 min cardio
  • Tuesday: 40 min booty & legs & abs + 30 min cardio
  • Wednesday: 40 min full body+ 40 min cardio
  • Thursday: 35 min arms & abs + 40 min cardio
  • Friday: 45 min cardio +15-20 min yoga
  • Saturday/ Sunday: Rest or Walks/ yoga/ booty blast

Interesting Facts About Sarah Houchens

  • Her favorite vacation destination is Bali
  • How many tattoos she has: one and that is located on her right hand actually it’s a symbol of the moon.
  • Sarah’s favorite sports shoe brand is Adidas.

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