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Jacquelyn Verdon is a Gymnast & skincare consultant. But Jacquelyn more familiar with the name of her husband, Todd Frazier, who is an American professional baseball player. Jacquelyn Verdon is a very much Social Media person. She loves to share every adorable moment with her fans.

Early Life Of Jacquelyn Verdon

Jacquelyn Verdon was born in New Jersey, US. Her father’s name is Kevin Verdon & mother is Cheryl Verdon.

Jacquelyn has a sister & her name is Danielle Verdon. Danielle also was a Rutgers squad, and complete her graduation in 2014.

Jacquelyn was an athlete at her college time & she completed graduation from Rutgers University. Even she met with Todd in college time.

Marriage Life Of Jacquelyn & Todd Frazier

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As I already mentioned that Todd & Verdon met in their college time & since then, they involved in a relationship.

Her & Todd’s love life inspirational for everyone because they got married seven years ago & the prodigious thing is since they got married, there is no rumor of their barriers pop up. They show how you should love your partner.

Actually, the couple’s marriage story is not less than a film story.

Are you excited to know, How they convert their relationship into marriage?

Actually, Todd was ready to propose her in advance, then Jacquelyn & Todd Frazier got engaged in 2011 on November 18. Then someone gives them a trip. And both of them were happy to think that they will spend some more time together before their marriage.

So they start their journey with cruise when the cruise was passing Mexico then Todd said Jacquelyn that take a walk before the dinner & she replied that sure. Then Todd decided to go back of the ship with Jacquelyn because, from that side, the view of Mexico looks more aesthetic.

So the couples were enjoying the view. At that time, Todd asked her, Will you marry me? Guess what? The answer from Jacquelyn was Positive.

For capturing the moment, there was a photographer who took the lovely moment into his gallery.

That’s why Jacquelyn claimed that It was the best trip ever she did.

After they came from their trip, they decided to marry in 2012 & they did it. Their marriage happened on Todd’s hometown Toms River, New Jersey, US.

Several celebrities & personalities were joined on their marriage ceremony. One of them is MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds & Todd’s & Jacquelyn’s closest person also attended their marriage ceremony.

The couple claims that they got the best partner in their life.

How many children do they have?

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Is it one, two, or three. Actually, The couples have three children yet(December 27 2019). After they completed their honeymoon, they bought their own home in New Jersey.

She got pregnant in 2013 & a son born in 2014, and they decided to name Blake Frazier.

And then Kylie Born. Kylie is a year and a half younger than Blake Frazier. The age of Kylie Frazier is nearly Four. Todd said an interview that they all love Kylie a lot, and he added that “If Kylie is not happy, nobody’s happy.”

And another son was born in the fourth quarter of 2016. Now he is nearly three years old.

The Couples Net Worth

Jacquelyn Verdon & Todd Frazier’s net worth nearly 10 Million US dollars. Where Todd has 7 million us dollars (until 2016) & the rest of 3 million us dollars is Jacquelyn Verdon’s.

As I already mentioned that Jacquelyn is a skincare consultant. She is working for Rodan & Fields Consultant. For that, she earns 84k US dollars every single month.

Jacquelyn Verdon Social Appearance

As I already shared that Jacquelyn is very much familiar with social media. Jackie has nearly 30k followers on her Instagram. She has 12k followers on a top-rated social network platform, which is called Twitter.

Jacquelyn gets 5k youtube videos yet.

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