Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone Review (2020)

Dotti’s Weight loss zone is not a diet plan by any fitness influencers. Dotti’s weight loss program is more like a lifestyle routine. In fact, Dotti’s weight loss Region is one of the most comprehensive resources for weight loss and weight maintenance. In her website, Dotti shares the most updated & proven ways to maintain weight. Peoples, especially women, are getting inspired by her weight loss journey. As a result, they gather in Dotti’s official website and share their problems with her & take valuable advice from her.

Who is Behind Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone

dotties weight loss zone
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Dotti Coon & her husband

Dotti’s weight loss program is so popular among those famous who are trying to lose weight. Basically, they gather on, which is known as Dotti’s Weight Loss Region.

Dotti Coon created Dotti’s weight loss zone on September 20, 1998. To be honest, the website is created by her husband. Because her husband thought that it would motivate Dotti to do more hard work to lose weight, and he was right, Dotti started hardworking more and more to burn her fat. 

She quit her smoking habit & unhealthy diet. At that time, she joined Weight Watchers to get effective results fast. It worked for her, and she was able to cut down her weight nearly 105 pounds from 220 pounds. She was delighted at that time. She also excited to share her journey on her own website. She starts sharing her journey on the internet, especially on her website.

Peoples are coming to read her journey. The numbers are increasing day by day, then Dotti Coon decided to redesign her website, and she decided to give more value to her audience & she started delivering more value to her audience.

Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone Review

According to SitejabberDotti’s weight loss program is in the top 50 in the niche of diet. So it proves that how effective & popular Dotti’s weight loss program.

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On her website, Dotti shares the most updated path to lose weight every week. She shared diet-friendly, testy & delicious food lists with how much calorie, protein & carbs they have. And the best part is Dotti gives it entirely free. She doesn’t take charge of her delicious recipe.

You will easily able to find some more resources. Such as;

Recipe List

In this section, she mainly shares some of the best diet-friendly recipes. Even you will get a section called Dotti’s Favorite recipe. Here she assigns her favorite diet-friendly recipe. The best part is the audiences/visitors can also add their favorite or daily recipe. So, this section becomes more useful for visitors. This is the reason; this section is one of the most crowded areas of her website.

Restaurant List

She added a considerable number of US & International based restaurant. All most every notable restaurant is there. Here she presents all the statics about those restaurant’s foods like how much protein, calories, carbs & more they have.

The best part is she rated all the meals, which helps her audiences to understand which food they should try & which shouldn’t.

Weight Loss Related Tools List

The website doesn’t prevent themselves from sharing only food list & recipe list. Dotti decided to share some money worthy weight loss software freely, and they did it. She put almost six different weight loss related software in Dotti’s weight loss zone completely free.

She shared her tips & tricks on her forums, and you can apply all the tips & you will definitely see some results. If you need more from her, then you can buy Dotti’s cookbooks, which she sells for only $15.

In her cookbook, she mainly shares the more delicious diet-friendly recipe. Even you can get many resources about the recipe on her website, completely free.

If you need further more recipe, then you can go with her premium cookbook.

The website is performed with a solid support system. There is a message board section where people who are trying to lose weight can share their problems with other peoples. They can chat with each other, ask for help from other members of this weight loss zone. This community is safe and fully secure. To chat with each other, you have to be a member by registering on The registration process is supremely easy & completely free.

You can message Dotti Coon directly via Emailing her. If you’re a wellwisher of her & want to support her financially to continue her journey with this community, then you can do this.

There is a section on Dotti’s website, called support Dotti. Click on this section, and you will get her PayPal account to pay $25/yearly.

Pros & Cons of Dotti’s Weight Loss

If there is a product or a service, there must have Pros & Cons. Similar is here on Dotti’s Weight Loss program. There are some Pros & Cons. Some of them are.

Should you use it?

Dotti’s weight loss zone is one of the most significant online resources for weight loss. Here you will find various things related to weight loss, which will help you to lose your weight. If you’re a beginner, then go for it. You will find some great resources to lose weight.

We believe that more great alternatives are in the market as well, but you have to remember that it is also great to start with your weight loss journey.


Dotti’s weight loss is a complete store for all those people who are trying to burn her/his fat. It contains everything that is required to lose your undesired weight. These things include recipes, exciting knowledge, valuable advice, a broad field of cooking styles, and more. If you’re starting, then this site is a must for you. Subscribe Dotti’s weight loss zone newsletter to gets the most updated news from Dotti Coon.

You can even subscribe to her youtube channel to see her visual contents. She started uploading videos on youtube nearly one year ago. As of 2020, She has almost 500 subscribers on her youtube channel, named Dotti’s Corner

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