Chanelle Punton – Biography of The World’s Hottest Food Model

Chanelle Punton is an Instagram star & British food blogger, who has almost 450k followers on the Image sharing platform Instagram.

Chanelle Punton Bio & Family

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chanelle punton

Chanelle Punton is a British online influencer. She was born at Newcastle, New South Wales Hometown.

She loves her family a lot. If you start watching her story on Instagram, then you will find that her parent’s photo is there. Those images portrait that how much she loves her family.


She is in a relationship with Petar Ivić. Petar is from Australia. He has nearly 4000 followers on Instagram. This is his Instagram handle @petar__ivic.

Chanelle said one of her Instagram stories that she loves Petar more than herself. She is feeling grateful to having Petar on her love. That message shows that How much she loves her boyfriend<3

Siblings & Best Friend

When we were researching, then we didn’t find anything about her siblings, but we found her best friend.

Punton’s best friend is Shweta Walli, who has 7000 followers on Instagram. The Instagram handle of Shweta is @shwetawalli.


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Chanelle is a traveler. She loves to travel. Actually, who doesn’t? If you scroll her Instagram, then you will notice one thing that she is also a foodie. She loves to taste foods.

Chanelle Punton Surgery

Some peoples claim that Punton did surgery on her breast to draw people’s attention. To be honest, we don’t think so.

Even Chanelle didn’t talk about her surgery yet. So how can someone claim that she did the surgery?

That’s why we don’t know what’s the actual matter. But a trustable source said that she did not have surgery on her breast.

Social Media Appearance

Actually, Instagram made her popular. She uploads her first photo on Instagram in the year 2015. Right now, She has almost 450K followers on Instagram, which she got with only 200 posts.

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