Bri Lauren – Biography of A fitness model & Patreon model

Bri Lauren is a Fashion Model, Fitness influencer & a Patreon’s model. But peoples know her much for her Instagram page, where she has almost 540k followers (Until December 2019).

Early Life of Bri Lauren

Bri Lauren was born in Leeds, Alabama, US. We weren’t able to gather about her parents & siblings. Actually, there aren’t many things available about her online.

She is 168cm, which means Lauren’s height is 5 feet 6 inches.

Career & Occupation

She has dreamed of modeling from her childhood days, but she didn’t have enough opportunity to continue her modeling career. So that she decided to came in Instagram & start uploading her all modeling photos.

But Instagram has some rules & regulations so that she couldn’t upload all the content on Instagram. That’s why she decided to join Patreon because Patreon hasn’t any strict rules against adult content If all the materials are premium.

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In her Patreon account, she already shared 942 images & 241 videos until December 2019. Actually, she has 1183 exclusive content on her Patreon account.

On her Patreon channel, she sells her content in 4 sections. 

1st tier will cost you 5 dollars per month. You won’t see much in this tier.

The 2nd one will cost you 25 dollars every month, where you will see her exclusive content.

If you want to buy her 3rd tier, then you have to pay 125 dollars per month, where you will get everything included in tier 2. You will also be able to get her autographed photo by the end of every month to get that autographed photo you have to send her your address.

And the 4th one actually the most expensive one where you will able to see her topless photo & video which she made for her only tier 4 member.

And you will also receive follow back on Instagram in this 4th tier.

To access the 4th tier, you need to pay 175 US Dollars every single month.

Until December 2019, 107 peoples already enroll in her membership plan. You can also access her premium content by paying her on her official website.

Bri Lauren’s Salary & Net Worth

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As I already mentioned that there are not many things that exist in online about Bri Lauren. For this reason, we didn’t find anything about her Salary & Net Worth.

So, now we are going to show you what we guess about her Net Worth & Salary.

She has 107 patrons on the Patreon platform, where peoples pay her monthly. Let’s hold on that every Patreon takes her 3rd tier because 1st two tiers haven’t anything special.

Let’s calculate her income per month from Patreon.

$125*107= 13375 US Dollars.

If she is earning 13 Dollars from only Patreon, then it’s easy to guess that she is undoubtedly earning $100K+ every single month.

Social Media

She has almost 550k followers in social media(Including all her social channel)

Youtube: She started her youtube channel on June 2, 2018. But she uploaded her first video on youtube on November 11, 2019. She already uploaded 35 videos on youtube (Until December 2019). With 35 videos, she already got 4.2k+ subscribers on her youtube channel.

Bri Lauren’s Youtube channel name is Bri Laurennn.

Snapchat: She has over 3000+ followers on Snapchat. Her snap chat handle is Liilbriibrii.

Instagram: She has 540k followers on Instagram. Ordinary, She gets 15000 love on her posts on Instagram. She already uploads 426 photos on her Instagram page.

Bri Lauren’s Instagram Handle is @brilaurennn

She also has over 1500+ followers on Facebook.

Disclaimer: We don’t promote any types of Nudity or Pornography. In this post, We try to show you that what Bri Lauren doing in current times. We think that it’s totally fine. Moreover, It was a fan’s demand content.

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